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Agia Marina

Agia Marina
is the main and most popular tourist destination of Aegina. The beach of Agia Marina is the longest sandy beach on the island and its shallow waters make it the ideal beach to visit with small kids. From the middle of May and until the end of September you can hire sunbeds with umbrellas, paddle boats, a laser sailing boat and canoes, or play volleyball in the water! During the summer, special events and various parties are organized.

Food and Drinks
Right on the beach there are 2 small restaurants, having their chairs and tables on the sand. They are open from early morning till late at night. In the summer they regularly have live music. More restaurants are located right next to the beach side, some with a superb sea view. At the end of the beach you will find a beach canteen/snack bar. Those who fancy nice cocktails, good music and dancing must visit the local beach bar and the numerous night clubs.

Agia Marina Church
At the end of the beach you will see the small white church of Agia “Santa” Marina, where the village found its name. Every year, on the 17th of July, the church of Agia Marina celebrates its name’s day. On the evening of the 16th of July Agia Marina is really busy.
In the afternoon a procession/”panigiri” is held where people are walking from the big church of the town centre towards the small church on the beach. Lots of locals visit the small church to attend the ceremony and light a candle. A street market/bazaar is being held, with live music and fireworks at the harbour area below the church.

Jet Ski
For the last 3 years, Agia Marina has been closely connected with Jet Ski championship.

The Arrival of Goddess Afea
Yearly in August, you will be able to watch a live performance on the Agia Marina beach. Like last summer, the arrival of Afea will be performed. The performance will start on the beach and will end at the Temple of Afea. Afea was a beautiful Cretan woman who escaped from Crete, as she didn’t want to get married with Minos. A fisherman from Aegina rescued her, fell in love and wanted to marry her, but Afea didn’t want to marry him and she headed from the village of Agia Marina towards the mountain top where she vanished at the current site of the temple. It is said that the fisherman established a shrine, believing Afea to have been taken by the gods. Afterwards Artemis made Afea a Greek goddess and she was worshipped exclusively at the temple.

Agia Marina Holiday Village
The beach of Agia Marina was one of the first beaches that had been developed for tourism on Aegina in the sixties. In those days, donkeys (so romantic!) were transporting the tourists that arrived by boat from the beach (which had only one taverna and a couple of houses) to the temple of Afea and back. Since that time the beach of Agia Marina has been transformed to the biggest organized beach on the island and the village became the most popular tourist destination both for foreigners and Greeks.
Agia Marina is still a popular holiday village, with many returning foreign visitors although the big crowds have disappeared. Agia Marina has a very Greek atmosphere as lots of Greeks from Athens are spending their weekends & holidays at their holiday homes.

Junta’s Souvenir
The bay of Agia Marina is dominated on the south side by an old concrete unfinished building. This is a souvenir from the time that the Junta (dictators) was ruling the country (1967-1974). They had planned to make that spot a big hotel resort with a private yacht marina, the biggest in the Saronic Gulf, but they never managed to finish it during their years of power. Even though many international investors have shown great interest in buying the unfinished property and completing this massive project, it has not been possible till now, to untangle the knots between the potential buyers, the public sector and the Greek governments.

Sun and Moonrise
From Agia Marina beach you can watch the sunrise as well as the moonrise. Especially in summer the full moonrise is spectacular. A big red ball is coming out of the sea!