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Things to do on Aegina

Things to do on Aegina

Making the decision to holiday in Aegina, one of the Saronic Islands, is a wonderful choice;the island offers something for everyone.  Staying at the Kavos Bay Seafront Hotel gives you a friendly and comfortable base, with unforgettable ocean views, a private beach and delicious home-cooked meals. Your visit to Aegina can be as relaxed or energetic as you choose to make it, to create the perfect holiday for you.

One of the reasons for choosing to holiday in Aegina itself is the fascinating history of the island; which dates back to the Neolithic Era. In the 7th Century B.C. the first coins to be minted in Greece were made in Aegina. The name Aegina itself is reputed to come from the name of one of the daughters of the river god Asopus who eloped with Zeus. If you are interested in history then there are a number of fascinating places to visit in order to learn more. The Temple of Aphaia is a Doric temple, located on a hilltop in the north of the island. The hill itself is thought to have been used as a place of worship since the Bronze Age. The temple dates from around 570 B.C. and is a picturesque place to soak up atmosphere.  A visit to the Hill of Kolona is both rewarding and enjoyable for those fascinated by ancient history; the hill was the location of a temple dedicated to Apollo. The temple was pulled down in the 4th Century A.D., deemed idolatrous; all that remains today is one column, from which the hill takes its name. Also on the site is the Archaeological Museum of Aegina which houses three galleries containing exhibits dating from the prehistoric to the Roman era. One of the most impressive exhibits to be found here is the statue of a Sphinx dating from 460 B.C., found during an excavation of the temple on Kolona. Another Classical Greek temple on Aegina is the Temple of Hellanius Zeus, standing on the mountain of Hellanion, the highest point on the island. There is a church there now, on the site of the oldest temple in Europe; remains of the structures from the Hellenistic period have been discovered.

When thinking about a holiday in Greece one of the first images to come to mind is the beaches. Greece is well-known for her beautiful beaches and warm blue waters and Aegina will certainly not disappoint in this regard. Assuming you can tear yourself away from the private hotel beach, which is a prime snorkeling spot, there is a choice of other beaches within easy reach, with a variety of amenities. Whether you want to quietly swim in tranquil surroundings and dream in the shade of the pine trees, or prefer beaches with refreshments and sun-loungers laid-on you will find a beach to suit you.

Another way to experience the beauty and tranquility of Aegina is as part of a cruise in the Greek Islands. Cruise ships often visit Aegina and offer excursions to its various attractions. As well as trips to visit the historical sites, you will also find time to look at Aegina’s famous floating fruit and vegetable market. In the market tethered boats offer their cargoes of colorful and delicious produce. Another market worth a visit is the covered fish market which is atmospheric and offers a huge variety of freshly caught seafood. One of the first things you will notice when you get off the cruise ship into the harbor is a number of horse-drawn carriages which will take you on interesting and informative tours of the island. The drivers have a lot of knowledge and will happily point out local landmarks and answer any questions. You will see the beautiful pistachio groves, for which Aegina
is well-known; there is even a pistachio festival held annually in September. Of course the benefit of a cruise is that you can visit several islands and have the luxurious cruise ship, with its entertainment and activities as a home-from-home between ports.

There are many other things to do during your holiday, besides visiting the beaches and the ancient Greek sites. Aegina’s proximity to Athens makes it a favored holiday destination for Athenians, and there are day trips available to the Greek capital. Athens is a unique and unforgettable city; visit the Acropolis and the numerous other historic sites, browse the shops and bazaars, break for refreshment in one of the many restaurants. There is any number of ways to enjoy your time in Athens. Aegina Town, the main town and harbor on the island, is a bustling Greek town, well endowed with restaurants and shops. The harbor is a good place to charter a boat for a cruise around the coastline, or to visit some of the neighboring islands. Aegina Town is also a great place to sample some typical Greek food, with seafood, pistachios and peanuts all from the island. Visiting other, smaller villages on Aegina gives you a sense of how the locals have lived for generations, and many are best reach by foot. Fishing village or mountain village, each has its own atmosphere and most have at least one or two tavernas where you can settle for a welcome drink to cool down after your walk. Exploring the island in this way gives you an appreciation of the real Greece, before tourism.

Aegina is a beautiful, unspoiled Greek island with much to offer any visitor. The welcome you receive and the memories you create may well bring you back, to rediscover Aegina time after time.

What makes Aegina so attractive that people return year after year? The images on this page are one of the reasons!

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