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Nearby Beaches

  • The Secluded Pebble Beach –“Awesome”
    Only a 3-minute walk and through the shady pine forest leads to a secluded pebble beach
    with crystal clear waters and a small natural cave.
    You can snorkel, swim, or just read a good book under the natural shade of pine trees.
  • The Long Sandy Beach –“Spectacular”
    The main long sandy beach is located only 1.5 km (a 20-minute walk) from Kavos Bay.
    It’s a well-organized beach, where the guests will find a wide range of water sports activities,
    sunbeds, sun umbrellas, and beach bars.
    A free shuttle bus service to and from this beach is provided for our guests.
  • Soto’s Beach & Lounge Bar –“Vintage”
    Soto’s beach lounge bar is located right next to Apollo Hotel, tucked away among the rocks along the shore in Agia Marina.
    One of the nicest places to swim and relax on the island, especially for those swimmers who prefer deep waters.
    A nostalgic place has existed for more than 40 years with lots of returning guests year after year.
    The secret: crystal clear waters, a nice rock, an endless view, good company cold drinks, snacks & music.
  • Public Swimming Pool – “Fun”
    For a small entrance fee of €3 per person, you can enjoy a fun day at the amazing 
    Crystal Public Swimming Pool with its beautiful surroundings.
    Crystal Public Swimming Pool is not a Kavos Bay property and is not located at Kavos Bay.
    It is located at the end of the main street of Agia Marina, about 2km from Kavos Bay, and is open to the public.
    We provide a free shuttle service to our guests upon request.
    Light snacks & refreshments are available at the pool bar throughout the day and evening.