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Things to do on Aegina

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  • Aegina is a beautiful, unspoiled Greek island that has much to offer any visitor.
    May the welcome you receive and the memories you create to bring you back to discover the island again and again.
    Your visit to Aegina can be as relaxing or energetic as you choose to make it.
    Staying at Kavos Bay Seaview Hotel provides you with a friendly and comfortable base to start your explorations.
  • History in Abundance
    One of the reasons to choose a holiday in Aegina is the island’s rich history, which dates back to Neolithic Era.
    Those interested in archeology will find many fascinating sites to satisfy their interests.
    The iconic Temple of Aphaia is a Doric temple dating back to 570 BC, perched on a hilltop north of the island, just 3 km from Kavos Bay.
  • A visit to the hill of Kolona is of interest to those fascinated by ancient history; the hill was the site of a temple dedicated to Apollo.
    In the 4th century AD, the temple was considered idolatrous and was demolished; all that remains today is a column from which the hill takes its name.
    The site also houses the Archeological Museum of Aegina, with three galleries containing exhibits from prehistoric to Roman times.
  • Just a few minutes from Kavos is the Church of Agios Nektarios (Saint Nectarios) and the monastery of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity).
    Every year thousands of people from all over the world visit the tomb of Saint Nektarios to receive his blessings and healing powers.
  • Beaches for Every Taste
    Greece is known for its beautiful beaches and warm blue waters.
    Provided you can tear yourself away from the private hotel beach; you also have a wide range of other beaches within easy reach.
  • In addition to the beaches around Aegina Town and Agia Marina, a scenic 20-minute bus ride from Aegina Town will take you to the colorful fishing village of Perdika. From there, a 10-minute boat ride will take you to Moni Island,
    a nature reserve where sunbathers and surfers will find a well-organized beach and bar.
  • Excursions on Aegina and Beyond
    Of course, besides enjoying the beaches and ancient Greek sites of Aegina, there are many other things you can do during your vacation.
    Visiting other, smaller villages will give you a feel for how the locals have lived for generations, and renting a car or scooter will make your explorations easy.
  • Ferries to nearby colorful islands like Poros and Hydra are also accessible from the port of Aegina Town, and you can easily be back in Kavos in time for dinner.
    We know the islands and are happy to help you plan your trips, both near and far.