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Welcome to our Greek cuisine…

At our on-site family run restaurant, we like to cook and serve to our guests, the many wonderful food products and genuine nature gifts, that our homeland Greece so generously offers us. In our kitchen we use only the freshest and finest local ingredients; top quality meats and cheeses, fresh fish and vegetables, local herbs and spices, extra virgin olive oil, and pure Greek honey.

During the day our guests can enjoy fresh fruits, juices, salads, light snacks, ice cream, iced coffee (frappe’) and other hot and cold beverages.

Dinner starts at sunset, featuring the “Daily Special” along with mouthwatering starters, fresh salads, and top quality grilled meats.

Fresh fish is a true delight; a “day’s catch” from the local fishing boats to the grill.
Please remember that fresh fish needs to be ordered one day in advance.

A variety of seasonal vegetables and legumes are traditionally cooked and regularly served. Vegans and vegetarians are welcome to try or pre-order their favorite dish at
no extra cost.   

Mrs. Anthoula, a family member and a passionate master cook of the Greek cuisine.
She has been mastering our kitchen since 2004, always eager to please our guests with her wonderful homemade specialties.

Our organic house wine is something we can brag about. It’s traditionally made from
sun-ripe Corinthian grapes and good to the last drop.
Always offered to our guests while quantity lasts.