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The Journey - Greece The Movie

The perfect spot for making a movie

Hosting travelers, yoga retreats, and workshops are nothing new for Kavos Bay, but a first for us came in 2013 when we were home base for the cast and production crew of the independent British movie “The Journey.” Because of our magical location overlooking the sea, parts of the film were shot on the Kavos property. Award-winning British writer-director Lance Nielsen describes “The Journey” as a film that “… portrays the quest of three men to find themselves again and for two of them discovering the country of Greece for the first time in their lives.” 

Why Greece? As Nielsen wrote, “It combines friendly, open-hearted people, and a landscape like no other.” We agree. The film was nominated for four awards at the 2015 St. Tropez Film Festival, and Nielsen won “Best Director” honors. Stars of the film included Jason Flemyng, Tasos Nousias, Duncan Pow, Lindsey Coulson, Charlene Collins and Lena Kaloutsaki.

Cast and crew were wonderful, and we enjoyed every minute of their time with us. It was a grand experience, and one that we will never forget.  

Lindsey Coulson, Charlene Collins, Shirin Youssefian