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The Journey - Greece The Movie

Parts of  “The Journey – Greece The Movie”  were filmed at the
Kavos Bay Hotel & Apartments.

Γυρίσματα της ταινίας “The Journey – Greece The Movie”  έγιναν
στο Kavos Bay Hotel & Apartments.

The shootings of the film on Aegina, took place in
May & June, 2013. During the shootings we had the pleasure
of accommodating the production team, cast, and crew
at Kavos Bay!

They were all wonderful and we enjoyed every minute of it!
It was a wonderful experience and one that we will never forget!
Lindsey Coulson, Charlene Collins, Shirin Youssefian 

“One mans’ struggle to find answers in a country struggling to find its’ own”.
A western tourist travels spontaneously to Greece on the advice of a stranger
he meets online. He wants to be left alone, but everyone he meets has other ideas.

“The Journey” is about the struggles we all suffer at one point or another and how important interacting with other people and the environment in which we choose to do so, in overcoming our problems. For our protagonist, Jason, Greece becomes the ideal environment as it combines friendly, open-hearted people and a landscape like no other.

Plot Outline
Having had an unexpected bereavement abruptly forced onto his life, ‘Jason’ arrives for the first time in Greece, guided to a small island on the advice of a stranger he met on line. Despite trying to keep himself to himself, several locals take him under their wing and befriend him. There is Yannis, the taxi driver with a taxi that never seems to work, The gregarious Rosie, the owner of the hotel where he stays, her husband Nondas, a wise man who seems to see and know everything, Barbra, a British woman who is getting over a nasty divorce and Ozzy, a drug dealing DJ who has turned up on the wrong island for a rave. Despite the friendship Jason is plaqued by nightmares of the events of his recent past and as he begins to explore the island he keeps glimpsing a woman dressed in white who seems to haunt him everywhere he goes causing him to doubt his own sanity. He begins to wonder if he can really cope and face going back to London or did he come to Greece to die? All will be revealed in ‘The Journey’.